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On a mission to enhance confidence in women by focusing on what really matters, cutting stress to provide peace, and have the freedom to experience more joy and success!

Aligning mind, body, and spirit is my goal! Use my on-line resources or connect with me for one on one personal coaching.

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Heather Baldauff

Hello friend.

I work with women to help them discover their own strength and purpose and to reach that balance needed to embrace their best life!

I have learned to balance personal health and happiness with all that needs to be done. It starts with embracing change, respecting your body and creating a sense of balance so you can thrive and live out your most purposeful life.

Before finding this balance, I was living day to day and time was just passing by and I didn’t even know where it went. What did I accomplish? What was I working toward? I was so busy doing the daily routine of my so called life. There is more and I can help you enjoy the success you’ve desired without having to sacrifice your spirit.

The butterfly signifies transformation - learn to spread your wings and fly!

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confident woman knows her strengths! She takes time not to just polish her outside appearance and image, but to build her competenceknowledge, and intent. She nurtures her inner world, makes a habit of self-reflection and improvement, and believes in her ability to create her own circumstances.

What Others Are Saying

Helped me realize my potential.

" Heather came recommended to me by my mom’s psychologist. We hit it off right away. Heather helped me gain confidence in myself. She helped me realize my potential. I was struggling to find a job and to establish a daily routine. I really needed help with time management. I am a triathlete and I am always training. So I had to fit work a workout (sometimes 2), and errands into my days. Heather helped me to get organized and to see that if I really wanted something for myself I had to be committed to doing what I needed to do to make it happen. Heather helped me to reach my goals. She helped me prepare for job interviews. She gave me the confidence I needed to nail any job interview that came my way. Because of her coaching I do now have a great job and I have established a daily routine of getting up early to work out then go to work. I have time for errands and hobbies, AND I get to bed early. Another big goal of mine is to move to Vermont. I wasn’t ready to do that before I worked with Heather. Whatever you need help with Heather can help you to achieve your goals and feel confident in yourself. I would not be where I am today without her help." - Olivia

Straight to the point.

"Heather is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. She is a kind, compassionate, enthusiastic, supportive, caring, loving, friendly and a straight to the point person. Heather and I have had many many wonderful talks throughout the years about so many things. As I left our talks, I felt helped and not alone. I felt someone cared about me and my feelings whatever they may have been. Heather is not only a lifetime friend but angel on Earth!"  -  Stephanie

Helped me find my courage.

"Heather helped me believe in myself. She never failed to make me feel important and needed. She used kind words to remind me that I'm not doing so bad in life after all"  -  Shanice

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